Aerin Medical, Inc.’s (“Aerin”) Clinician Locator and Center for Excellence (“COE”) programs are intended for informational purposes only. Choosing a clinician and treatment is your responsibility, including all interactions with clinicians listed in these programs. Information shared with any clinician, including those listed on the Clinician Locator, is not covered by Aerin’s privacy policy.

    The search results are based on the ZIP code or city you enter, with COE-designated clinicians meeting specific program requirements. The clinicians provide the information in the locator, aiming to connect patients with those skilled in using VivAer® and RhinAer® technologies. Inclusion in the locator is free for clinicians, though some may have commercial relationships with Aerin.

    Aerin does not guarantee the skill level or outcomes of any clinicians listed nor verify licensure requirements. It’s up to you to select a clinician to determine if VivAer® and/or RhinAer® technologies are suitable. Aerin may remove clinicians from the locator without notice if they become aware of any fraud, legal violations, licensure issues, or similar concerns involving a clinician.