Long‑lasting relief from nasal airway obstruction and chronic rhinitis is now within reach.

woman experiencing nasal airway obstruction relief and chronic rhinitis relief

Finally, there are effective, office-friendly solutions for treating nasal obstruction and chronic rhinitis from Aerin® Medical.

Nasal airway obstruction (NAO) and chronic rhinitis are chronic nasal conditions that affect millions of patients. When medical therapies fall short, patients can turn to VivAer® and RhinAer® – two non‑invasive treatments that deliver significant, lasting relief and can be conveniently and safely performed right in the doctor’s office.




Non-Allergic Rhinitis SUFFERERS IN THE US2


Allergic Rhinitis SUFFERERS IN THE US2


The compact Aerin touch-screen console pairs with the VivAer or RhinAer stylus to deliver precise, tissue-sparing, temperature-controlled radiofrequency (RF). Physicians can choose between two effective treatment options: VivAer for nasal airway obstruction or RhinAer for chronic rhinitis. Both VivAer and RhinAer fit seamlessly into the doctor’s office or operating room.


VivAer: The Non‑Invasive Solution for Nasal Airway Obstruction

nasal airway obstruction patient

Enables a physician to effectively treat the core causes of nasal airway obstruction.

  • Comprehensive procedure that can be used to treat the lateral wall, inferior turbinate, and septal swell body
  • Durably remodels soft tissue, including cartilage, in the nasal valve
  • Patients typically experience minimal downtime
  • Incisionless and can be performed under local anesthesia
  • Clinical studies demonstrate long lasting results3

RhinAer: The Comprehensive Solution for Chronic Rhinitis

chronic rhinitis patient

A comprehensive treatment for chronic rhinitis that provides long-lasting relief from runny nose, post-nasal drip, congestion, itching, and sneezing symptoms.

  • Disrupts posterior nasal nerve (PNN) that triggers rhinitis
  • May be used to treat full length of inferior turbinate
  • Treats both rhinorrhea and congestion
  • Effective for both allergic and nonallergic rhinitis
  • Incisionless and can be performed under local anesthesia


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