VivAer® Patient and ENT Physician Share Their Story with Key News Publications

VivAer®, the non-invasive procedure for nasal airway obstruction (NAO), was recently featured in key news publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle, the Houston Chronicle, the Miami Herald, and more, following a patient testimonial campaign that reached millions of Americans.

The news articles featured the story of Diana, a VivAer patient whose NAO symptoms greatly impacted her quality of life. “I felt like I couldn’t breathe well enough through my nose,” said Diana. “I wasn’t sleeping well, and I couldn’t exercise properly. I decided to see an ENT, who diagnosed me with NAO after an exam.”

Diana’s ENT physician, Dr. Raj P. TerKonda, MD, FACS, recommended VivAer to gently remodel her nasal passage and improve airflow. The results of the procedure were significant. “I didn’t realize how little I could breathe through my nose until after I was treated with VivAer,” said Diana. “I’m still noticing improvement in my breathing. It’s amazing to me.”

In addition to Diana’s story, the articles discussed the importance of proper nasal breathing. Dr. TerKonda shared, “The nose does many important things for our bodies, like warming the air to body temperature before it enters our lungs or filtering out particles. By breathing through your mouth, you aren’t letting your nose do its job. Correct breathing really should always begin with the nose, not the mouth.”

In fact, mouth breathing could have a meaningful impact on health, especially for older adults. The articles shared, “NAO may cause people to breathe through their mouth to get enough air. This contributes to ailments that may be harmful to older adults such as decreased lung function, which can lead to difficulty breathing, and poor sleep quality, which impacts energy.”

Some adults find themselves experiencing NAO later in life as aging can change the structure of the nose and its ability to do its job. For older adults who are likely to have existing comorbidities, VivAer was highlighted as an appealing alternative to invasive surgery that’s now covered by Medicare. This expanded Medicare access makes treatment even more accessible for the millions of seniors who suffer from this chronic nasal condition.

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