VivAer® Featured in Woman’s World Magazine

VivAer®, the non-invasive, office-friendly procedure for patients with nasal airway obstruction, was featured in Woman’s World Magazine, a popular print publication reaching over one million Americans.

The full-page article highlighted the story of Diana, a VivAer patient whose inability to breathe through her nose left her exhausted throughout the day. When her quality of sleep continued to suffer despite the use of a CPAP machine and nasal strips, she visited ENT physician, Raj P. TerKonda, MD, FACS, who diagnosed her with nasal airway obstruction. Also known as NAO, this common and often overlooked condition is caused by an anatomical narrowing or blockage in the nasal airway that can hinder airflow. While some patients may benefit from an invasive surgery to correct their nasal obstruction, Dr. TerKonda shared, “The good news is now it can be corrected without surgery.”

Diana was pleased with her VivAer results and amazed by how quickly she felt herself breathing better. She shared, “I can’t believe how much better I feel today! I’m able to exercise, walk up hills, and most importantly, I sleep better than ever now that my nasal passages are clear. I feel fantastic!”

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