Aerin Medical Achieves Milestone with over 1,000 Patients Treated with VIVAER

AUSTIN, Texas, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Aerin Medical, Inc. (“Aerin”) announced that over 1,000 patients suffering from nasal obstruction have successfully received the Vivaer® Nasal Airway Remodeling treatment (“Vivaer®“) which uses patented non-invasive low temperature radio frequency technology to reshape nasal tissues.

The company received FDA clearance for Vivaer® last December following a highly successful clinical study which produced best-in-class outcomes, including a 94% responder rate with an average improvement in breathing ability of 69% as measured by NOSE (Nasal Obstruction Symptom Evaluation) scores. In January of this year, Aerin initiated a limited commercial rollout of Vivaer® in the United States and is currently expanding its distribution and support network with a dedicated team of sales professionals within the US.

“ENT physicians are quickly discovering how Vivaer® enhances their abilities to comprehensively treat patients suffering from nasal breathing problems.  Vivaer® is being used as both a standalone treatment and an adjunct procedure to surgery,” stated Fred Dinger, CEO & President of Aerin Medical.  “As a standalone treatment, Vivaer® can be a non-invasive option to open nasal passages for those patients who suffer from nasal obstruction or congestion.  Vivaer® is also helpful to those patients who have undergone surgical procedures such as septoplasty, turbinate reduction and sinus surgery/dilation but still have trouble breathing,” Dinger continued.

Michael Sillers, MD, a world-renowned rhinologist and past president of the American Rhinologic Society stated: “As otolaryngologists, we were trained that the nasal valve is often the primary site of nasal obstruction; however, we have had few effective solutions to treat this area, so it has become largely overlooked. Vivaer® is a simple and elegant solution that can be easily performed in the physician’s office within minutes and it enables a comprehensive approach to treating patients suffering from nasal obstruction beyond traditional septum and turbinate surgeries.”

“We have integrated Vivaer® into our 17-physician practice and we routinely treat patients who complain of nasal obstruction, found to be at the nasal valve, especially during sleep and physical activity.  I have treated over twenty patients so far and I am very impressed with the clinical outcomes and convenience experienced by my patients,” said Vasu Kakarlapudi, M.D. one of the first otolaryngologists to treat patients using Vivaer® in the US.

Aerin continues to follow treated patients and they are reporting improved nasal breathing as well as other benefits such as better-quality sleep and an increased ability to breathe comfortably during physical activity. Aerin also continues to develop its pipeline of non-invasive products/treatments to address other areas of nasal breathing disorders.

Aerin Medical is an early commercialization stage medical device company with offices in Austin, TX, Sunnyvale, CA and Singapore. Aerin is a patient-centric company focused on the development and commercialization of products to improve the breathing and quality of life for millions of people. Aerin Medical and Vivaer® are registered trademarks of Aerin Medical, Inc.

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