ABC-Affiliate Interviews RhinAer® Physician and Patient

RhinAer was featured on ABC-affiliate SoFlo Health TV as the “innovative new procedure you won’t want to miss.” In the interview, Dr. Jay Young, M.D., explained the benefits of this office-friendly, non-invasive chronic rhinitis procedure, who may be a candidate for treatment, and how to find a trained physician near you.

When discussing the RhinAer procedure, Dr. Young shared, “I offer RhinAer to my patients because they’ve already had everything. They’ve already tried nasal sprays. They’ve already been allergy tested. They’ve had the runny nose, the congestion, the post-nasal drip for years. Now, we have an option to help them without doing any of the invasive procedures.”

Dr. Young’s patient, Jorge, also shared his journey to long-lasting symptom relief. When discussing his treatment experience, he stated, “It’s been about a year and I feel great. No more runny nose. A lot less sneezing and coughing. The breathing is honestly the greatest thing ever.”

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