Aerin’s advanced treatment platform utilizes low-power radiofrequency energy to remodel nasal soft tissues and address the underlying cause of nasal congestion. Treatment styluses are uniquely designed for each procedure and deliver energy to the target tissue surface without the need for incisions or tissue penetration.  Proprietary algorithms ensure that targeted tissues are exposed to carefully controlled energy resulting in treatment temperatures that are below the tissue ablation range.  The technology is protected by a comprehensive patent estate consisting of both method and design patents.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide ENT Physicians the least invasive solutions to treat nasal airway disorders to improve the quality of life for their patients.

Our first product is VIVAER – a non-invasive RF technology that increases airflow by treating nasal obstruction.

Our Vision

To be recognized throughout the ENT community (physicians, patients, companies) as the gold standard provider of nasal obstruction treatments.

Aerin = Innovative Solutions = Gold Standards


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