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Press Releases

You’ll find multiple examples of press releases that are ready for you to customize and share. While you may customize these press releases in the areas indicated, we ask that you do not modify content that refers to the VIVAER console or any treatment language. If you are not sure about changes, please contact us at

Promotional Images

These are very high resolution images that may be used in print or video with virtually no loss of quality. The images may be overlayed and combined and are in a standard PNG format. If you need a higher resolution or are seeking a different image, please contact us at


This animation in the media kit is a high-res version of our Anatomy and Procedure video shown here. It features anatomical information, airflow depiction, and treatment steps.

Product Images

Ultra high resolution images that show the VIVAER console and stylus, as well as a closeup of stylus tip, are part of the media kit. We also have a console rotation sequence of PNGs available if you’d prefer alternate angles.

Web and Social Media Content

We have a variety of ready-to-use posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets. We also give you a clean HTML copy with images to add to your media website. All images are licensed by Aerin Medical. Please only use with attribution to Aerin Medical. For more information about social media content and implementation, please contact