Durable Results for Chronic Nasal Conditions

Efficient platform for chronic rhinitis and nasal obstruction

One Aerin™ Console, two styluses:

  • VivAer® Stylus for nasal airway obstruction
  • RhinAer® Stylus for chronic rhinitis

Durable results. Tissue sparing.
Office friendly.

The RhinAer and the VivAer Styluses are clinically proven to be efficacious and low risk. ¹,²,³
Patients can be treated in the office or operating room (OR).

Temperature-controlled RF enables
tissue-sparing procedures

Our proprietary, temperature-controlled radiofrequency (RF) technology is optimized for the nasal airway. Unlike traditional RF, the Aerin™ System automatically adjusts the power output to maintain target temperature for therapeutic benefit while sparing surrounding tissue, including mucosa.

Aerin Medical Aerin System Stylus Tip Illustration

Control temperature

  • Therapeutic benefit can occur at 60℃.¹
  • Sensor in tip precisely measures temperature of tissue.¹

Heats from within while sparing surface tissue¹

  • RF electrode location, spacing, and design can determine energy delivery.
  • Electrodes do not penetrate tissue.
Aerin Medical Aerin System Precise Control

Precisely control treatment zone¹

  • Utilize electrolyte fluid from infiltration of local anesthetic to facilitate energy control and direction.

Ready to adopt Aerin into your practice?

The Aerin™ System fits seamlessly into the office or OR environment. Many payers have coverage policies in place for the treatment of nasal airway obstruction or chronic rhinitis. To learn more, contact Aerin Medical at (833)-484-8237

¹ Data on file. Aerin Medical MKT691.
² Data on file. RhinAer® Stylus Clinical Study TP668. Endpoint from baseline to 52 weeks.
³ Data on file with Aerin Medical, Report TR680-01.